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Bed wetting is not your fault! This is how you can fix it:

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bed wetting coachOver age 6? We can teach you how to fix bed wetting in a few weeks

“People ask me why I give bed wetting tips freely, when those secrets are how I make a living! The reason is that there are thousands of children who need help and I can only reach a small percentage. In fact thousands of kids (50,000 to date) watch my videos on Youtube. The tips in the video above show basic steps that help at any age, but after age 6 it can be complicated and requires behavioural training. The DryKids program is a step-by-step process that brings hospital-tested programs right into your home.”   ….   DryKids Coach Peter


“Peter is amazing!!!! He had my son stop wetting the bed in 2 months. He was 9. My doctor said it was normal and I listened to her. I wish I would have looked into this sooner. I would have started him at 5.
So if your doctor says it’s normal, well it is, but it doesn’t help the self esteem.If your child is wetting the bed, don’t wait until they are older like I did.
My son was dry in 2 months.”  …………  Michelle on my FB page



“Hope all is well with you. Just wanted to update you with our progress.
==== remains dry every night. This past week, we were away visiting colleges.
He still stayed dry, but we are planning on going back to water gulping and following the night time practice before bed for the next two weeks. Once we get through that, we will be close to 2 month’s dry if everything goes well..  See our testimonials here…

No bed wetting drugs, no pull-ups. Every child can be dry.


4 Steps to Dry for Older Kids

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DryKids program is the behavioural modification approach as recommended these experts:Read about the real experts of enuresis: Dr. Howard Bennett or Washington,  Dr. Max Maizels of Chicago Memorial, Dr. Laura Weiseman of Boston Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Sara Dimerman in Toronto





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